About the Memorial

Memorial of martyrs of the twentieth century in Eastern Europe – the memorial that will transform people. Every visitor will enter into it through the door and into the cell of those sentenced to death. There is no other way. The inscription at the entrance to this cell reads: “We do not give up.”

Everyone runs away from the cross. We want to be someone great, but in a human way. Without suffering, without sacrifice. But Christianity cannot be understood without a cross. Human life is a great race with a mystery of the cross. Pope St. John Paul II, spoke these words more than 10 years ago, during his visit to Ukraine and he showed us an example of true Christian life of many priests and laity in Ukraine, who in the twentieth century have shed their blood for the faith as martyrs. In these martyrs the Pope shows us people adamant in their strength of their inner spiritual freedom. Their lives are crowned with martyrdom which sanctified this place, where the parish of St. Michael the Archangel is. They especially honored the Holy Virgin Mary of Tyvriv, and trusted their life and ministry to Her. Many of them were murdered in the basement of the sanctuary, which was turned into a plastics factory in 1956.

In 2010, the Missionaries Oblates of Mary Immaculate took the destroyed Tyvriv Sanctuary at the invitation of the Bishop of Kamenets-Podilsky Diocese Leon Dubravski. At this special moment of reconstruction of the sanctuary we want to create the memorial of martyrs. In this atmosphere filled with a sense of maternal care of Mary, we want to embrace every person, family and people. The idea of perpetuating the history of martyrdom at this ruined shrine formed in the hearts of Missionary Oblates supported by bishops. In this way, we want to thank God for the gift of faith in the hearts of many believers. We want this memorial to be the expression of gratitude for the faith which rises simultaneously with the reconstruction of Tyvriv temple, which is a symbol of the rebirth of faith in Ukraine. These far-reaching plans from more than seven years ago are being realized in front of our own eyes.