For volonters and architectors

For Volunteers and Architects

ATTENTION! Competition! We are looking for architects, artists, volunteers with experience and desire to help us create a memorial  “Martyrs of the Twentieth Century”! We strive to create a modern memorial which speaks to all people of different ages, social status and religion. To do this, we want to use modern means of expression: music, movies and light. The memorial will be located in the destroyed church of St. Michael the Archangel in Tyvriv – 20 km from Vinnytsia. The communist authorities tortured more than 15,000 innocent people 70 years ago for a few months. The sights of persecution have been collected for years. There are also special archive photos, audio recordings and emails.

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We are eager to give people the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the life of the martyrs of our times. We appeal to people of good will to help us create this important place of the worship of the martyrs of the twentieth century. Because the history of Ukraine consists of the events and people that we cannot forget. The essence and the message of their life are expressed in the words: “Don’t give up.” They succumbed to evil which is always devastating.

The memorial is planned to be the exclusive place primarily because it will show the shocking truth that has affected many people in our country. After all, millions of people were killed only because they believed in God. We hope that people will go there to enrich not only their knowledge, but also to transform spiritually. Until now, only a few could know the problems of believers’ persecution in the twentieth century from the available book editions.

Plan of the memorial

There will be fourteen rooms that symbolize the fourteen Stations of the Cross on our land.
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56BF13ADEC828972DEF64E51667D418981CEE022D9F1D44FB6pimgpsh fullsize distrThe first room shows a synthetic image of the communist reality: shackles, extracts from the Criminal Code, which refers to the punishment that threatened those who went to church, fragments of speeches of representatives of the government, including – Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev. Then – through the rural wooden door – you can enter the next room in a family home of the believers. There are photos, images of the church, schools, fields, landscapes of that time.

DAB0AFD0635783BC172855ADBDD12498CB8C673319E6542DAApimgpsh fullsize distrThe next room of the memorial will be dedicated to the priests murdered for their faith. They remained staunch under the regime and inspired believers to endurance and loyalty. After such preparation the pilgrims will be able to enter the room – the prison and persecution.
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Photos of the destroyed shrines, weeping people, empty homes – it will show Ukraine of those years where the priests had to serve. There is an imitation of the barracks, prisons in the room called “the room of death”. The visitors should leave the memorial through the room “life after death” where everybody can see a sign saying: “We survived” and a fragment of the quotes of St. John Paul II.
We express gratitude to all who support us.

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