The memorial of martyrs will be located at the site of today’s parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Tyvriv – 20 km from the Vinnytsa, where 70 years ago the communist authorities tortured to death over 15,000 believers in just 3 days.

The memorial will be located on the basement of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, at Ukrainian Podillya, on the spot which remembers the violence and the tragic fate of a million people murdered just because they were Roman Catholics. The memorial will become a natural sanctuary of martyrdom and the tragic fate that was made a reality by godless regime. The memorial will be a tribute to the famous Pope St. John Paul II on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his visit to Ukraine as well as a sign of respect for those who remained loyal and did not renounce their faith.

Although the main focus of the memorial will be put on the strength of faith of Catholics in Ukraine during the communist persecution, its last stage will be dedicated to those who suffered unjustly in February 2014 at Maidan and who are still suffering because of the war in the East of Ukraine.

It is planned to open the memorial in 2017 on the 80th anniversary of the heaviest persecution for the faith of the twentieth century, when Ukraine closed all churches and not a single priest remained free, and authorities urged people to forget what religion is. Remembering martyrs and their martyrdom, we try to remind ourselves and others, Ukraine and the world, that truth, justice, freedom and love are immutable values and tell us about the dignity and spiritual wealth of every person and society.